You can find on this page the Bucharest transport map to print and to download in PDF. The Bucharest transportation map presents the transports network and transport zones of the transit of Bucharest in Romania.

Bucharest transports map

Map of Bucharest public transports

The Bucharest transport map shows all means of transportation in Bucharest. This transports map of Bucharest will allow you to move easily with public transport of Bucharest in Romania. The Bucharest transportation map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Bucharest has the largest transport network in Romania, and one of the largest in Europe . The Bucharest transport network is made up of a metro network and a surface transport network. Although there are multiple connection points, the two systems operate independently of each other, are run by different organizations (the metro is run by Metrorex and the surface transport network by RATB ) and use separate ticketing systems. Although it is situated on the banks of a river, Bucharest has never functioned as a port city, with other Romanian cities such as Constanţa and Brăila acting as the country main ports. However, the Danube-Bucharest Canal , which is 73 km long, is currently under construction and is around 60% completed. When finished, the canal will link Bucharest to the Danube River and, via the Danube-Black Sea Canal , to the Black Sea as you can see in Bucharest transport map. This transport corridor is expected to be a significant component of the city transport infrastructure and increase sea traffic by a large margin.

Surface transport in Bucharest is run by Regia Autonomă de Transport Bucureşti (RATB) and consists of an extensive network of buses , trolleybuses , trams and light rail (called metrou uşor which translates as light metro, but it is, in fact, a light rail system). The RATB network is one of the most dense in Europe , and the fourth largest on the continent, carrying about 1.7 million passengers daily on 121 bus lines, 21 tram lines, 3 light rail lines and 19 trolleybus lines as its shown in Bucharest transport map. At times, however, it does suffer from severe crowding. RATB is a reasonably efficient and a very frequently-used way of getting around Bucharest. As with the Metro, the system is going under a period of renewal. Highlights of the renewal include the introduction of a new light rail service, aside from trams, as well as wheelchair-accessible buses and trolleybuses.

Bucharest has the largest public transport network in Romania and among the largest public transport networks in Europe, as it serves more than 2 million inhabitans. Although during the communist regime there were plans to build a canal to the Danube, they did not materialize, so that the city does not benefit from water transport, except for recreational races on the lakes in the parks. After some attempts in the past that failed for various reasons, Bucharest now finally offers the option of buying a single card that allows you to travel with both the metro and the above-ground vehicles, without the need for separate tickets as its mentioned in Bucharest transport map.

Bucharest zone map

Map of Bucharest zones

The Bucharest zone map shows all transport zones in Bucharest. This zone map of Bucharest will allow you to know the prices of public transport of Bucharest in Romania. The Bucharest zones of transports map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

The ticketing system uses contact-less smart-cards, called '''Activ''' cards as you can see in Bucharest zone map. Once bought (you will need ID to do that) the cards can be loaded with various ticketing options, including some that allow usage on both the subway and surface networks. To validate the card after entering a vehicle (or subway station) hold it still in front of the validating device (an orange box with a small LCD screen) until you hear a short beep (The LCD display will show "Calatorie Placuta" = Have a nice trip). If you hear a long beep followed by the message "Repetati validarea la acelasi validator" = "Repeat the validation on the same machine" or any other message, please validate the card again. It is very common in this system to give errors very often, so it recommendable to be sure that you have paid for your trip.

If you want to be sure that you have paid, press the button 1 and hold the card near the validator, it will mention the amount left and for how many passangers it was validated (there will be more screens displayed so keep it there for a few seconds until you will see "Card validat pentru 1 persoana" = Card validated for 1 person or more). To validate it for more than one passanger (this is available only for electronic wallet not for daily/weekly/monthly pass), you have to press the button no. 2 and hold the card near the validator. For any other additional traveler you have to press 2 again and receive the message "Calatorie Placuta" for each passenger. The paper tickets valid for one ride on one route are not any more available (they were removed starting with May 2011). Be warned that you cannot buy tickets/cards in the vehicles and if caught by an inspector (''controlor'') you could be fined with 50 lei as its shown in Bucharest zone map. Be sure to validate your ticket, as enforcers can be very strict, even to visitors unfamiliar with the system.

A ticket is valid only on the bus/tram/troley wher it was validated as its mentioned in Bucharest zone map. If you change the bus/tram/troley, you have to validate again the card. Also, the ticket is valid only for one trip with the transport vehicle from one end to the other. However, in Bucharest most of the busses and troleys will have one end (usually in dowtown, where is no space for creating proper "end of the line" stops) without any distinct stop, so you will not be aware that you have to validate again, being liable to receive a fine. For this reason, is better to buy a daily (8 RON = 1.8 Euro) or weekly pass (17 RON = 4 Euro) for your trips in Bucharest, because the pass will not require any validation. The prices are very small compared with the travel options available (busses, night busses, trams and troleys), so the pass will help you to have a trip without any headaches.